My First winter in Japan

Here in Kyoto on the beginnings of October, which is a period of changing seasons in Japan.

How amazing of it to me! ^_^ it’s cold, cool and a bit dry and actually it’s quite similar to the beginning days of spring in Vietnam, especially in southern region of mine.

For the first date of this changing seasons, I haven’t got a very well preparation. I still remembered that I got up late at 9AM, I but it was so cold (to me, since this is my first cold season here in Kyoto xD) and I couldn’t get out of my blanket. I turned around several times and thought that “arrr… what the fucking cold day it is! =__= I wanna stay here for a whole day!!! But sound like impossible since today is weekdays and of course I have to work..errr.. get up boy! Get out of the bed now boy! Common! Common!”


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