About… me

This is my first post in WordPress as well as my seriously writing work about myself. Actually, I did want to write a few years ago but I didn’t. Since I had nothing to write and in didn’t how to write properly. But after coming Japan this second time, I realized that writing is not as hard as I thought, it’s just simply like the way we share a specific story or tale to our friends. Also, I’ve found out that my memory is constructive and reconstructive. It’ll be lost and old by the time.

So from now  I am starting to write, at the age of 23 years, 4 months, 4 days old, in Kyoto. I’ll write and write more regularly than before, perhaps every weekend and whenever I wish to. Write to understand more and more about myself, write to save my stories, write to practice the skill itself, write to be a better person in the eyes of others, write to release the troubles, the frustrating things that others they effect on me but I’ll never tell them since I’ll write. And write for many many reasons. (;