To my potential girl…

Tôi muốn có một mối tình bình dị.

Cả ngày không nhắn tin quá nhiều nhưng khi rảnh sẽ lập tức hỏi thăm đối phương đang làm gì, ăn uống gì chưa, mọi việc ổn chứ.

Tôi muốn yêu một người một cách thật bình thường.

Không cần cả ngày kè kè bên nhau vì cuộc sống ai cũng có điều phải lắng lo, suy nghĩ, công việc mỗi người một khác không thể san sẻ thì không nên tạo thêm ưu phiền.

Tôi muốn yêu một người sau một ngày làm việc mệt mỏi, có thể không cần gặp gỡ nhưng sẽ dành cho nhau những cuộc điện thoại thủ thỉ, cùng nhau xoa dịu bao sóng gió của cuộc đời.

Tôi muốn gặp một ngừoi không cần dắt tôi vào những nhà hàng xa hoa, tặng cho tôi những món quà hoa lệ, tôi muốn yêu một người, có thể nắm tay tôi đi dạo phố đông, xà vào quán xá ven đường một cách thật bình thường giản dị.

Tôi muốn yêu em, yêu một người mà không khoá chặt bầu trời của nhau. Không hỏi nhau quá sâu rằng em ở đâu, làm gì. Chỉ khi nào muốn nói, sẽ tự mở miệng vì muốn tôn trọng nhau.

Thật lòng, muốn yêu một người khi tôi có hẹn bạn bè gặp nhau, tôi sẽ nói rằng “hôm nay anh sẽ uống say” họ sẽ nói rằng “em đợi anh gọi em đón”.

Tôi muốn yêu một người, chúng tôi đặt mình vào vị trí của nhau, đặt mình vào lắng lo và đắn đo của nhau để suy nghĩ. Chúng tôi học cách sống cho đời, cho người, không chỉ sống cho riêng mình.

Tôi muốn yêu em, yêu một người đủ kiên nghị và vững chãi cho tôi dựa dẫm khi cuộc đời đầy chông chênh, cho tôi chỗ dưa khi ngoài đời kia mệt mỏi quá. Không cần nói vỗ về chỉ cần ôm chặt tôi yên lặng như thế cũng đủ khiến tôi nhẹ lòng.

Tôi muốn yêu em, không phô trương, không ồn ào.

Bình thản nắm tay đi giữa nhân gian.

Anh muốn yêu em, một tình yêu thật bình thường.

Vì một khi tôi yêu em, tôi sẽ mãi dành cho em những thứ đặc biệt nhất mà đời này chỉ mình mới có thể có từ tôi.





















( ◠‿◠ )

[FP] It’s me – Son from Vietnam ;)

At the age of 23, it seems too young to understand and comment on this world. But anyway, here on this WordPress site of mine I would talk out every concern about my life and my point of views as well. And it really doesn’t matter with anybody who doesn’t care about my stupid nonsense posts. The only thing I care about is my feeling. Yeah! 50 years later, I might laugh a lot at my blog posts from a mature view of an old man who is preparing to go down the hole. HAHAHA

“Hi, I am Son, S.O.N” I often introduce myself and spell it with the people I meet for the first time. And they seemed to be surprised with my name. “It’s weird, I’ve never heard of this name before” or “Hey Son, I thought that your sister would name ‘daughter’ haha right?”. Haha they seemed to be interested in my name as well. Anyhow, it’s good for our first meetings.

So just call me Son, or monkey, or monki by the way you feel easiest. I originally came from a country of the southeast Asian region – Vietnam. I don’t think this blog will mention about my country since Vietnam, it’s lot of things to talk about. Let’s have another one to talk about later 😉

Current (since April 2016) I’ve been studying and living in an east Asian nation of Japan. Still, I dream of studying in higher education in a European nation or a nation of American continent probably after my graduation here in the Kyoto University. Above all, there exists a plan of working for an international company on a global scale of an employee.

Particularly, I’m taking a master degree program of agricultural science and technology here in Kyoto univ. simultaneously working as a Technical assistant for my professor and the Japanese firm of YANMAR.

This is my first post in WordPress as well as my seriously writing work about myself. Well actually I did want to write few years ago but I didn’t. Since I had nothing to write and in didn’t how to write properly. But since after coming Japan this second time, I realized that writing is not as hard as I thought, it’s just simply like the way we share a specific story or tale to our friends. Also, I’ve found out that our memories are constructive and reconstructive. It’ll be lost and old by the time.

So from now  I am starting to write, at the age of 23 years, 4 months, 4 days old, in Kyoto. I’ll write and write more regularly than before, perhaps every weekend and whenever I wish to. Write to understand more and more about myself, write to save my stories, write to practice the skill itself, write to be a better person in the eyes of others, write to release the troubles, the frustrating things that others they effect on me but I’ll never tell them since I’ll write. And write for many many reasons.

I hope my posts will be useful to my future life and become a helpful tool to remind me of my old days. 😊

God bless me!

My First winter in Japan

Here in Kyoto on the beginnings of October, which is a period of changing seasons in Japan.

How amazing of it to me! ^_^ it’s cold, cool and a bit dry and actually it’s quite similar to the beginning days of spring in Vietnam, especially in southern region of mine.

For the first date of this changing seasons, I haven’t got a very well preparation. I still remembered that I got up late at 9AM, I but it was so cold (to me, since this is my first cold season here in Kyoto xD) and I couldn’t get out of my blanket. I turned around several times and thought that “arrr… what the fucking cold day it is! =__= I wanna stay here for a whole day!!! But sound like impossible since today is weekdays and of course I have to work..errr.. get up boy! Get out of the bed now boy! Common! Common!”

僕の日課 – My daily routine


毎朝、午前7時に目覚まし時計がな、私は止めます。でも布団から出れません。あくびを二三回します(´Д`)。10分後、起き、窓を開けます。 「すがすがしい朝ですね!今日も一日頑張って行きましょう~」 私は思う ^-^。






私は午後9時に家へ帰り、晩ごはんを食べます。それから、母をSKYPE で呼び30分ほど話します。

リラックスする時間 ユーチューブで英語と日本語のビデオを見ます。それから、明日の仕事のレビューと翌日の仕事の準備をします。


First experience of visit a Japanese home

28平成年9月18日 京都

It was on a rainy Sunday at Kyoto. That was my weekend and I’d decided since the date before that Sunday that I should come over Misasagi international house and meet the staffs there again to show them my gratitudes for their kindly treating me at the time I stayed there since very first days in Kyoto.

On Saturday, the date before that Sunday, I prepared some small “omiyage” (souvenir) for Misasagi staffs as three sticks of coffee and a message on a note along with. I woke up late on the date after, around 11 AM, then made a big bowl of noodle and cabbage leaves for a break-lunch meal. I put the raincoat on my body and rode my bike from home to Misasagi house.

Oh! a memory of the longgg ridings twice a day from Misasaga to Kyoto University turned back, it was so vivid. I still remembered first days in Misasagi, every day, I had to ride a bicycle 7 km for around 40 min from it to school. It took that much of time because a road to school is not simple and leveling as roads in the southern region of Vietnam, but much tougher with a hill on it. But there’s a segment, a point is more exactly, I love the most which is under an overpass bridge that I could be covered whenever it rains and more especially, it is the point that almost on the top of the hill, so after reaching the point from any side, then you would enjoy the rest of the road by downing hill. 🙂 Be careful, though!

Yeah! I spent nearly an hour to reach the dormitory. Of course it was because it has been a long time I didn’t ride a bike to hills like that. And it also rained at that time. Just drizzling but still enough to make me wet. Finally, I’d reached the destination at 14:20PM.

I met an old men officer over there – Mr. Mihara, or we often call Mihara-san in Japanese culture. He is a very kind person. Remember my last day in Misasagi, he kindly gave me a studying lamp equipped with a touching sensor on its switch for my new apartment, it still works very well now. Alright, back to my story,  we had a small talk about relevant stories and things about my life in Japan as well as students in Misasagi house. He asked me that have I ever gone to the hot spring (onsen in Japanese) in Japan. “No, I haven’t” quickly and honestly replied I. I even haven’t looked for this kind of concept of “onsen” on the internet yet, I just heard from some of my friends that we must be naked when we take a shower at hot spring centre. It would be a little bit shy I guess. Then I gave him one of my souvenirs that I prepared previously, I also left four other small bags of there for other staffs of the dormitory. And suddenly, “are you gonna be free today, I would like to invite you to come over my home and why don’t we go to the hot spring and try today as well?” he smiled and asked me. I was a bit surprised and confused at that time, I didn’t know how to answer his question as well as his invitations to visit his home and hot spring since I’d been already supposed to play soccer with my native friends in river Kamo’s bank for the farewell to a friend of us who will leave Japan soon. But then I realised that being with talkative and selfish native people like them would be frustrating and bother me rather than visiting a Japanese family and also because Mihara-san is very honest and friendly, so I couldn’t say no and decided to visit his home after that.